How Can You Get Rid of Acne Scars?


Living with acne is difficult – especially on your skin – whether it appeared during adolescence or followed you into age. Even if they try everything to avoid it, many people with acne end up with acne scarring, especially those who have had moderate to severe acne for a long time. Fortunately, skin experts at Zinnia Medspa offers skin care services in Los Angeles, California so you may enjoy clear, even-toned, attractive skin once more.

  • Laser and light treatments
    Laser and light treatments may be among the most effective treatments for moderate to severe acne scars. Laser treatments are powerful enough to break down old acne scar tissue and regenerate new collagen, smoothing and refining your skin’s texture.
  • Chemical peels
    Chemical peels can be used to treat all levels of acne scars. Chemical peels can be customized to your skin type and tone to resurface it and decrease visible scarring, including textural acne scars.
  • Micro-needling
    Micro-needling is an excellent treatment option for pigmented scars, superficial acne scars, and enlarged pores. Micro-needling treatments can permanently improve the appearance of some textural scars over time.

The type of acne scar treatment that is best for your skin is entirely dependent on the type of acne scar that you are trying to treat. Because of the higher risk of pigmentation side effects, several acne scar treatments may not be suited for your skin tone and type.

If you’re ready to restore your skin’s even tone and texture, make an appointment with your health and wellness center.

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